I designed Colossus! to be free, shareable, innovative, deep and open game.


All you need to play Colossus! is available using components you can build yourself or from other games and toys - most players won’t need to buy anything they don’t own already. The rules themselves are available as a free download from the website.


You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the rules as long as you keep the authorship information and don’t make a profit off it. Also, Colossus! lets you and your friends use figures from many different storyworlds: even if your friends don’t share your love for silly latex-suit monster movies they can bring their big robots from epic wargames.


Colossus! combines elements of wargames, boardgames and card games. It uses an open playing area without hexes or squares to restrict gameflow. A lot of games are about making optimal moves in the same familiar situations time after time, encouraging players to learn by rote the best way to play. Colossus! with the hidden Power Cards and the changing Order Cards forces players to think on their feet and adapt every turn.


The game is easy to learn but hard to master. It can be picked up quickly and the introductory scenario can be played just by following the set-up instructions without reading all the rules beforehand. The complexity comes through the interaction of the several dozen different Power Cards, the choice of different Order Cards in various game situations and subtleties such as the movement of Tinies.


Colossus! comes with its own setting called The Zillium Wars which is featured in little snippets across the rules. This storyworld has been deliberately left vague and open to the player’s imagination. We suggest a range of possible colossi as starting points, but players are free to come up with their own concepts and model them using the cards available... or even invent their own cards! Hopefully there will be enough active players out there feeding back on the rules and how they use them so I can keep improving and expanding Colossus!

Finally, I wrote Colossus! because I have far too many 3” monster figures and I wanted a game to play with them! I did a lot of research and found that similar games out there were either too simple without enough tactics involved, i.e. roll lots of dice and get lucky, or too restrictive with a limited set of monsters and maps available. I hope you agree that Colossus! fixes those problems.